About Us

Kloof Senior Primary School is a co-educational public school offering quality tuition from Grade 4 to Grade 7. Situated in beautiful surroundings only 1 km from the centre of Kloof, the school provides a safe and happy environment where each child can learn, play and grow.   Our highly qualified educators are committed to providing a well-balanced, holistic education. Our excellent academic, cultural and sporting programmes are varied and stimulating and we have specialist educators in Computers, Media Science, PE, Music, Grade 4 to 7 Afrikaans and Zulu.Kloof Senior Primary aims to instil a sense of pride and accountability, based on a partnership of mutual respect and tolerance. The school is run under the leadership of Principal Bernice Love and the staff who are dedicated to ensuring each learner receives the best education available.


Our Management Team Consists of

Principal:  Ms Bernice Love

HOD:  Mr Rob Thatcher

HOD:  Mrs Janine Halse  

HOD:  Mrs Sarai Donkin 

HOD:  Mr Justin Jury

Teaching Team

Grade 4

Mrs N. Olds (Grade Head)


Ms R. Vale


Mrs K. Jackson


Mrs A. Greyvenstein

Mrs C. Jordan (Remedial)

Grade 5

Mrs A. Hardey (Grade Head)


Mrs J. Salomon


Mr J. Jury

Mr S. Claassen


Mrs S. Moon (Remedial)

Grade 6

Mrs E. Thurston (Grade Head)


Mrs K. Shaik


Ms C. Untiedt


Ms N. Shabalala

Mrs G. Ross (Remedial)

Grade 7

Mrs. M. Moolman (Grade Head)


Mrs  A. Lötter


Mrs S. Chapman

Mrs K. De Wet


Mrs S. Donkin (Remedial)



Mrs J Halse 

Mr C Lucas ( ICT) 

Mrs C White (Creative   Arts) 

Miss Z Buthelezi (Zulu)

Miss K Halse (Creative Arts)

Mrs M King (Homework Centre)

Miss Z Cele (Counsellor)

Mrs K Naidoo (Media, EMS   & Tech)

Mrs E Bronner (Afrikaans)

Extra   Murals

Ms R Mc   Arthur (Admin / Dep. Head)

Mr Q Jones (Dep. Head of  Sport)


Miss N Van Ellewee (REM)

Miss L King

Mr T Baldo


Miss K Foss

Estate / GSAs

Mr Thatcher (Dep. Head)

Mr S Mpangase 

Mr P Nene

Mr L Gasa

Mr P Ngobo 

Mr Z Zolani 

Ms S Mdlalose 

Miss Z Mbanjwa

Mr S Zungu


Mrs L MacDonald  (Business Manager)

Mrs R Seach

Mrs J Peters

Mrs A Nicholls


Mrs P Thompson


Mrs K Dalrymple-Kelly